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Club Vivid

So as some of you know, I let Nicole talk me into going to Club Vivid last night ( ). I knew what to expect, but I still felt a little slimy from being there as I left.

I guess that is what I get for letting a dyke choose the club. *chuckle*. She and her GF were able to look right through all the scuzzy boys on the prowl, though the club was so choked with testosterone, I am surprised that anyone could see at all. It did make me say a thankful prayer that none of my other female friends had gone with me; I never could have apologized enough.

Not that it was all bad.
I got there when it first opened and the floor opened with some '80s dance and familiar pop tunes. I had walked over to the Cinnabar on my way there, to avoid paying Vivid's drink prices, so I was already at my "two drink minimum" to get out on the dance floor (even tough it was just me and the paid go-go dancers dancing).

It turn out to be a good thing that I was dancing.
Nicole had told me it was a Hollywood Theme dance night. I had figured that since we were in the middle of Carnival that that meant a theme dress up club. Boy was I wrong; I think they may have been trying to give that impression, but it was really just another regular Meat Market theme.
I showed up in Noir, complete with vintage suspenders, a long tan trench-coat, and a brown Panama hat. It was the hat that got me in trouble though, it was against the dress code! They said that I could keep it on for a little while until coat check opened, but then I would be forced to take it off.
I think they tried to approach me a few times and make me take it off, but it is tough for security to be discreet while interrupting a customer on the dance floor. I was one of the few people on the dance floor and it might have looked bad to the other patrons. Ha! I got to keep it on all night!

BTW, am I the only one that is disturbed by their theme schedule?

Thursday, Jan 31st was their Mardi Gras party. Friday Feb 8th will be ANOTHER Mardi Gras party.
Mardi Gras is ONLY on Tuesday, I am not even Catholic and I know that. The second party night would actually be during Lent.

WTF?! Talk about religious holidays going secular! Oh, well. 

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