So Feb 14th (Lupercalia, Valentine's, etc) was a fund raiser for the Silicon Valley Roller Girls (Roller Derby Team) at Mission Ale house. It was an "Anti-Valentine's" event. They had a wheel of (mis) fortune and a raffle including "Win a date with a Derby Girl". It was fun!

I am not a huge fan of any kind of sporting event, but I do like to support my friends when they get involved in one.
Trisha "Double Cannons" and I have been friends for years, and it turns out I knew at least one other member of the team already (an acquaintance from karaoke).

To tell the truth, I do not think it would be that tough convincing me to come out and support them. Derby seems to involve lots lovely ladies sweating, getting bruises, and getting into fights. Many of them have died hair and tattoos. Pretty much sound like my kinda place! *wicked grin*
Trish even tried to talk me into becoming a ref. I am sure it would be fun, and I agreed to help out if I could, but I am not interested in that kind of commitment right now.

Their next event is another fund raiser on the 20th at Armadillo Willies. I will not be able to attend because that conflicts with the Chamber of Commerce meeting for Feb.

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Who Am I This Time?

I finally got in that special order movie I have been talking about; it is mine and several of my friends' newest fave movie!

Who Am I This Time?

So how can one of the cutest romantic comedies staring Christopher Walken AND Susan Sarandon, AND directed by Jonathan Demme (Something Wild, Silence of the Lambs, etc), AND writen by Kurt Vonnegut Jr somehow get completely overlooked?!

I guess it can if the fools that own the rights to it waited 20+ years to release it on DVD, then did not even make a big deal out of it. The fools!

So far, no one that has watched with me has failed to love it. Of course it helps that most of my friends were/are drama geeks and movie buffs, but still how can you go wrong with this combo?

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Writer's Block: Repeat After Me...

How have people pronounced your name? How is it supposed to sound?
 My name is Nathaniel; also, Nathan, Nate, or even Nat. I usually use Nathan with strangers, I have learned that they get it right faster.
I have been miss-called Daniel, Samual, McDaniel, Bdaniel, Franiel, Nassaniel, Nassan, Saniel, San, Thaniel, Than, etc.


Club Vivid

So as some of you know, I let Nicole talk me into going to Club Vivid last night ( ). I knew what to expect, but I still felt a little slimy from being there as I left.

I guess that is what I get for letting a dyke choose the club. *chuckle*. She and her GF were able to look right through all the scuzzy boys on the prowl, though the club was so choked with testosterone, I am surprised that anyone could see at all. It did make me say a thankful prayer that none of my other female friends had gone with me; I never could have apologized enough.

Not that it was all bad.
I got there when it first opened and the floor opened with some '80s dance and familiar pop tunes. I had walked over to the Cinnabar on my way there, to avoid paying Vivid's drink prices, so I was already at my "two drink minimum" to get out on the dance floor (even tough it was just me and the paid go-go dancers dancing).

It turn out to be a good thing that I was dancing.
Nicole had told me it was a Hollywood Theme dance night. I had figured that since we were in the middle of Carnival that that meant a theme dress up club. Boy was I wrong; I think they may have been trying to give that impression, but it was really just another regular Meat Market theme.
I showed up in Noir, complete with vintage suspenders, a long tan trench-coat, and a brown Panama hat. It was the hat that got me in trouble though, it was against the dress code! They said that I could keep it on for a little while until coat check opened, but then I would be forced to take it off.
I think they tried to approach me a few times and make me take it off, but it is tough for security to be discreet while interrupting a customer on the dance floor. I was one of the few people on the dance floor and it might have looked bad to the other patrons. Ha! I got to keep it on all night!

BTW, am I the only one that is disturbed by their theme schedule?

Thursday, Jan 31st was their Mardi Gras party. Friday Feb 8th will be ANOTHER Mardi Gras party.
Mardi Gras is ONLY on Tuesday, I am not even Catholic and I know that. The second party night would actually be during Lent.

WTF?! Talk about religious holidays going secular! Oh, well. 


So my roommate borrowed back her copy of the Autobiography of Malcolm X.

Her son needs it for a school report. It has been taking me quite a while to get through 2/3 of the book (admittedly I am reading 3 other books and finished light books in the mean time) and I find it hard to believe that a 10 year old is going to read the whole thing for a report.
I even suggested that since it was divided up into several chapters per portion of his life that me might concentrate on one part of his life (say childhood). She wanted none of that (my suggestion, nor me making suggestions about her son).

Oh, well. At least I know how it ends. :)


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Golden Compass

How come I was the one that really wanted to see the Golden Compass and it seems like everyone has seen it already but me?!

I am about 1/2 way through reading the Amber Telescope (third in the book series after, the Subtle Knife) and really wondering if they can make a second movie if they have already deviated so far from the first book.

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Dickens' Faire

Well, for lack of anyone else to take, I took my two estranged (or is that just strange) parents to Dickens' with me yesterday (they are friends but got divorced when I was 10).

No one is getting any presents from me this year; I drank away all my Christmas gift money at Dickens'. Yes, the bartenders were that cute.   ;)

Of course, typical of my luck, none of the cute bartenders nor any of the other nice women I talked to this weekend showed any interest in getting to know me better.

I did seem to run into a nice old man quite a few times… lots and lots of times…who was very, very friendly…are you sure you are not following me?!

Oh yeah, and a female FOF that thought I looked “Oh so cute” in my Dickens’ costume. What? Of course she was gay.

I did have a great time and saw lots of acquaintances. I even saw that gorgeous creature (who’s real name I can NEVER remember) who goes to con dressed as Death (Sandman/Endless) so it takes me a moment to remember that I even know such a beautiful woman. Usually, by the time I remember that I DO know her I am blushing and stammering trying to explain that I did not recognize her out of her wig (though I have met her out of it more times than in). What? Of course she is happily married.

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Hey everybody

Since I have not been on for a while I have

1) Forgotten who every one is.

2) Forgotten all the tricks to posting names and links, etc.

Feel free to poke me and tell me how who is who and how is how.



the Neutral Christ

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