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Doggy Fun

___Dear diary:

__Supposedly there is a dog park in Fremont that has agility training equipment in it. While doing a search for this park Rachell found something else instead: Ohlone Calaveras Park.
_It is located off 680N just past the Sunol grade which makes it a bit of a drive from SJ but not so far that I wouldn’t go to it on short notice.

__What makes this rather simple wilderness park so interesting? Dogs are allowed on the trails. Not only that, but once you get into the trees and fields dogs are allowed OFF leash. This is unusual. We went to several county parks yesterday and none of them allowed dogs on trails and few of them allowed dogs outside of paved areas. None of them allowed dogs in the water off leash (and on leash was only if the ranger was not around).
_It does cost $5 to park, but so do most county parks ($4 if you do not have a dog.). There are creeks and rocks and picnic benches and camping and all kindsa stuff.

__We hiked for over 2 hours (4hours including the trip back) and wore ourselves and Llorona out. (Rachell needs to learn to pace herself better)
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